Chicken Teriyaki Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101


This video will show you how to make simple and tasty Chicken Teriyaki.
Recipe here:
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  1. Princess Pablito says:

    Ano po name ng soy sauce na gamit nyo.

  2. Cassondra Chavez says:

    I stumbled upon this channel and I can hardly wait to follow all of these recipes once I get my new work shift! Thank you for making this channel exist! Looks so delicious.

  3. SilverBlackBird1989 says:

    I’ve made this so many times. But I use peanut oil and mirin seasoning.

  4. Paul Harris says:

    I’ll never pay for teriyaki sauce again now that I know how simple it is to make. I’m going to try this tomorrow.

  5. Mafer☆Art says:

    I hate when people say ”saki” … Hhahaha.

  6. Tunes Dal says:

    woww nice

  7. Tippy H says:

    Wow Cant believe this brief demo! looks YUM! must make soon thanks friend.

  8. Kanzee says:

    Very good…love it….Now i will never buy teriyaki again…cause i know how to make it.

  9. Anand Naik says:


  10. Maria Tweets says:


  11. Travina Blackshear says:


  12. happy Gabby!!! says:

    Hi, is sake and mirin the same types of wine?

    • Jason Leer says:

      happy Gabby!!! They are both Japanese rice wines but mirin is sweeter. People often use mirin in teriyaki sauce too so you can try that but try to get sake it you can.

  13. Renato Bie says:

    Can I use Chinese rice wine instead of sake? Thank you

  14. PrePlan Market says:

    wat is saket and do u add sugar??

  15. 血愛 says:

    will it be the same if i use ready teriyaki sauce?

  16. Putri Lokita says:

    can i substitute sugar with honey? or sweet soy cauce?

  17. Michael Symons says:

    This was fantastic! My family loves this recipe! Thank you both.

  18. CopperHead says:

    Fixed this today and absolutely loved it! Thank you for the recipe!!!

  19. orangetinyterrors says:

    I made this yesterday. It was pretty good. I added red bell pepper about a minute before the green onions to give it some color.

  20. Melvin Lee says:

    I learned from another Japanese recipes that cook teriyaki sauce with mirin, kikkoman soy sauce and sugar
    Are the taste same as you cooked in the video above ?

    • Jason Leer says:

      Melvin Lee You can do it either way, every Japanese chef has their own recipe they prefer, both ways will taste slightly different but see which one you prefer.

  21. Aileen Cuaresma says:

    Can i use rice wine?

  22. Olivia Rojas says:


  23. Abdul Rokib says:

    Hello what can i use as substitutes for Sake and Mirin. Or any alcoholic cooking methods. Due to religious purposes we can’t cook with alcohol even if it does burn off. Thank youu!

    • Dıavərna Dıa says:

      Abdul Rokib Thank you! I saw them use pork and sake in another video and I really wish they could put replacements.

    • Abdul Rokib says:

      Thank you very much. Arigatou gozaimasu m(_ _)m

    • JapaneseCooking101 says:

      @Abdul Rokib For sake, there’s no good substitute.  Just add a bit (more) water to make it thinner.  For Mirin, add a bit of sugar, Agave syrup, or even honey for sweetness.

  24. Clever piggy says:

    Fried rice recipe? Mine is good, but yours is probably better!

  25. Szilveszter Olah says:

    Do they eat this just like this, or with steamed rice like a lot of other food ?

    • Aryadi Subagio says:

      I believe japanese eats most of their food with steamed rice, the japanese restaurant I usually go to serve this with a rice

  26. TheCheekyelly says:

    Hi if I use Chinese soya sauce for this dish instead of Japanese soya sauce, will it taste different ?

  27. Anahí Flores says:

    Teriyaki sauce is just made of soy sauce, sugar ans a bit of sake!? Just that,really? Good, that’s sooo nice to know. I have always struggled ’cause I hardly find it at shops. Woha!

  28. sweetsnob24 says:

    Is it okay to use chicken breast?

  29. Carol- Bnice2any1 says:

    さけがありません時 ,料理みりんとか使ってもいいですか?

  30. Aaron Sowers says:

    WOW! I just got done eating this, and all I can say is… Thank you! Very simple and delicious! Keep up the good work!

  31. Seraphinaorb says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. The teriyaki sauce was the best I’ve tasted. 🙂

  32. Medieval Exponents says:

    It’s so delicious! I’m eating it right now! x3

  33. lovehellokitty28 says:

    can’t wait to make this

  34. themightycornchips says:

    I made this for dinner tonight it was great thanks for the recipe

  35. arnaub ray says:

    oo i just like this..
    Can i add some onion or other vegetables with it that can be consumed with rice …

  36. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    Yes, you can skip sake and use mirin. You may want to add less sugar because mirin is also sweet.
    Sometimes you can find Sake near wine at supermarkets.

  37. Soulfull Escapes says:

    Hello, Can I just use mirin instead of sake? I have a hard time finding sake in our local supermarkets? Thanks!

  38. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    I think vegetable side dishes would work. We have great side dish recipes on our website Japanesecooking101. Come and check out!

  39. Gaming-World says:

    heey i watched your movies for a while im a chef myself but what i was wondering are there any side dishes for this dish ? or atleast what side dishes do you sugeast ?

  40. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    If it’s too strong, you can simply cut back the amount of soy sauce. That’s the best part of home cooking, make it in the way you want!

  41. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    There are a lot of ways to make Chicken Teriyaki. And this is our way of making easy Teriyaki.

  42. lexlim86 says:

    What kind of soy sauce do you use? i used the original kikkoman soy sauce, i find three table spoon a bit too salty. Do you reckon i should use light soy sauce with the same composition or stick with my current one but reduce the amount?
    And for the sake should i use drinking sake or cooking sake which one is better? thx

  43. NebulaInHeat says:

    This is Teriyaki ?

  44. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    You are right, not much garlic in “traditional” Japanese food, but we do use garlic in many not-so-traditional recipes like gyoza.

  45. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    Mirin adds flavor and glaze but you can skip it. If you want to add it, try adding a tea spoon or so and you may reduce the amount of sugar.

  46. Ji An says:

    Not much of garlic in Japanese food? Is garlic in other foods Korean influence?

  47. jesuly gutierrez says:

    What does mirin do? If I add it how much do I use..I love terriyaki chicken. ..with rice..

  48. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    Absolutely! You can use this for any types of meet or fish.

  49. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    Hmm… all we can say is that you should probably try to use a different pan.

  50. Max Tull says:

    I wonder if the Teriyaki Sauce in your Recipe will come out with the same result like Beef or Salmon if I use those instead?

  51. suggarachel says:

    I get a metalic after tast when i make chicken teriyaki i use a non-stick pan do you know what i do wrong? ty from a little noob who wants to learn 🙂

  52. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    You noticed! Yes, sake and mirin are used a lot in Japanese cooking. With soy sauce, sake, and mirin, you can make many dishes. Depending on the dish/recipe, you can skip sake/mirin, and they still come out pretty good.

  53. David Ting says:

    hello… can i say almost all japanese dishes will use sake and mirin ?

  54. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    Yes, it is. But we use cooking sake a lot to make many Japanese dishes, so get it if you find one.

  55. Arctic Artemis says:

    Is it possible to not use sake?

  56. JapaneseCooking101 says:

    You can certainly use Mirin in it, but the sauce can be made without it too. Since not everyone has Mirin in their pantry outside Japan, we tried it without it and it came out pretty good!

  57. TheDezmen3 says:

    How come your teriyaki sauce doesn’t contain Mirin?