Minecraft Timelapse | Japanese Castle/Temple


Welcome another Minecraft Timelapse. Today I will show you how to build an epic Japanese temple, in a beautiful scenery.

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Minecraft Timelapse Japanese Build | Jungle Village and Panda Enclosure

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Hello everyone, welcome back. Today I will be building a huge Japanese Temple and creating beautiful looking scenery around it!

I would love to hear some feedback from you all about building more onto it as I had so much fun with this build.

Thank you so much for watching, and i’ll see you on the next episode!! Give that LIKE button some love!!!

► World Seed: 416412025494810909
► Coordinates: X= 17 Z=5563

► JermsyBoy’s Texture Pack: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/a-little-taste-of-jerm
► JermsyBoy’s Better Leaves (Texture Pack Add-on): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/better-leaves-add-on-2-0
► JermsyBoy’s Custom Mobs (Texture Pack Add-on): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/jerms-custom-mobs



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Intro/Outro Music By No Copyright Sounds
► Marin Hoxha – Endless


  1. śmierć lol says:

    Seed in minecraft bedrock edition

  2. lojoey says:

    You deserve ALOT more views and subs, these videos are really inspiring and relaxing to watch.

  3. brooxiq says:

    What are those windows made of, it looks really good

  4. brooxiq says:

    He sounds like @Willsonator

  5. Thomas Denny says:

    Please can you make this a tutorial as iam disabled and don’t go out much so iam on minecraft alot

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      @Thomas Denny sorry buddy I didn’t realise you was on xbox, this will only work on PC Java edition.

    • Thomas Denny says:

      @BlueNerd Minecraft hi forgot to mention iam on xbox playing minecraft how would I get it on there please

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Hey Thomas, I just checked and it downloaded fine for me. Check your antivirus maybe it’s blocking it for some reason 👍

    • Thomas Denny says:

      @BlueNerd Minecraft thank you I have tried downloading your medieval map but it wont let me any help please

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Thomas, i will be working on a tutorial for this build soon. It’s a pretty big build so I need to make sure I have everything all planned out, it should be very soon though buddy 👍😀

  6. ickledookie says:

    Hey BlueNerd what can I say this build is absolutely stunning!!! Would LOVE to see this in a new build series like you did with the castle.

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you ickledookie, yeah this one is going to be a build series soon just like the castle 😀👍

  7. wubalubadubdub says:

    Please do a multi part tutorial series. Id love you forever

  8. Supa hot fire says:

    I enjoy all you’re videos! I really like this type of buildings, can you make an tutorial on this build please? 🙂

  9. JMK says:

    Hope u upload the full tutorial in the near future. I really enjoyed making the huge port with u😇keep up the grind my guy✊💙

  10. Durtellan Fries says:

    Expand + tutorial pls

  11. Yves Embrechts says:

    I really like this design! idk how you do this but its insane good! 😀 I love to see more of this styles. 😮

  12. Danijel Cvetkovic says:

    I am speechless, awesome build. I was first watch your bridge tutorial and came to this video. I truly hope you will make tutorial for this build, its no mater how long tutorial its be, one video or ten, just make tutorial please. 😀 😀 😀 I am new subscriber to the channel btw.

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Danijel, and welcome to the channel. I’m glad you like it my friend, the tutorial for the temple is coming soon 👍😀

  13. iamTweggie says:

    Thats look so amazing. You should really have more subscribers and likes. Thats its so beautiful dude! Omgosh! Love from Tweggie!

    • iamTweggie says:

      BlueNerd Minecraft yeah Ofcause it make sense. I Think its pratice. Well. Im a 27 year old Girl from Denmark and I do redstone (as seen on My videos) and a little building. So if you ever Want to we could play on a server for fun and put our skills together. Only when you are not to busy with your fantastic minecraft buildings video 😍 Anyways. My name is iamTweggie on every gamer platform you May find (: and Thanks for the respond!

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      ​@iamTweggie I sometimes look up concept art on goggle images for idea’s and building shapes. But I have got pretty good at building up a vision in my head now, which I never used to be able to do. I’ve done so much building now that I find it much easier planning a build in my head. The best place to start is with concept art, it can be a great source of inspiration for building. If you’re building something to big and it’s too hard to picture, try picturing a smaller picture instead, focus on that and once you build it try focus on adding to it. Sometimes the problem is getting overwhelmed by trying to plan to much at once. It’s easier to work with smaller designs and build up to a bigger picture later. I hope that makes sense lol 🙂

    • iamTweggie says:

      I wish I could build like that. But I have trouble to see the bigger view of it when im building. Do you use any picture for inspiring or how do you manage the picture in your head?

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you so much Tweggie, this build was so much fun. The Japanese theme has got me so inspired to build more in this style so plenty more on the way 😀👍

  14. pasta daddy says:

    i think one of those noodle/ramen stalls would look super nice in a village! (sorry i dunno what theyre called lol) and since the theme is oriental a traditional rice farm might look cool also?? your builds are awesome, keep it up 🙂

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thanks for thanks the great suggestions pasta daddy, i’ll try and add them in the next episode 😀👍

  15. MattC says:

    A tutorial for the temple would be awesome!

    Great build! Can’t wait to build this myself!!

  16. guill0tine says:

    another great build! you’ve inspired me to get going on a creative world and building my own kingdom!

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      That’s great guil0tine, I always hope timelapse builds like these will help inspire others soit’s great to hear. Feel free to join my discord and share any of your build pics and chat with other members about minecraft and stuff like that. There’s a link in the description 😀👍

  17. This is the end? says:

    Tutorial please 🙁

  18. Xyie says:

    i would looooove to see more of this, it’s giving me ghibli vibes!

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Lol, thank you Xyie, there will definitely be more of this I had so much fun building it I have do do more lol 😀👍

  19. Max Gamer says:


  20. ReaPeR 2039 says:

    Would love to see a tutorial for it, and to see more Japanese builds, love your content,super underrated builder, keep up the great work

  21. Ninja mummylee dsoc says:

    Looks stunning plz expand

  22. The Dragon Cat says:

    It reminds me of a bathhouse. I would love a tutorial for this build and maybe a small village nearby?

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Dragon Cat, it does look a bit like a bath house lol. Tutorial is one the way and definitely a small village nearby as well 😀👍

  23. ROT BOHNE says:


  24. Jason Smith says:

    love this, and love the Japanese series. amazing job.

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Jason, I’ve been enjoying the Japanese series myself too so plenty more to come 😀👍

  25. FrostXI Devil says:

    I really love your videos.I hope to see more of these .

  26. Joe Braden says:

    Awesome build! You really are talented!(Also can you do a tutorial on this plz)

  27. Arnold Roblox and stuff says:

    you should continue your Japanese village series, i wanna look more into these builds

  28. Ryan Childs says:

    Please expand on the village. It’s coming together super well

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Ryan, definitely going to expand this one, definitely need a village and some more builds around the area 😀👍 😀👍

  29. Laurie Goodrich says:

    Wow! This is beautiful. I enjoy everything you build

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Laurie, I must say I really enjoyed this build myself. It made a nice change building in this style 😀👍

  30. tattooedgirl says:

    Tutorial plz, plz, plz. I know it’s a larger build but you could divide it into a couple of video’s I just adore it!!!!

  31. Asark Defiler says:

    Tutorial plz papi Bluenerd

  32. SUNSET VIP3R says:

    Should definitely go for a tutorial on this style.

  33. Samantha Toledo says:

    what shaders do you use ??

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Sorry Samantha, i’ve never heard of a error composite. It’s sounds like a computer error rater than a game error if that’s any help.

    • Samantha Toledo says:

      can you help me fix error composite? my screen just turned black can you help me ???

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Hey Samantha, i’m using sildurs vibrant shaders high 😀👍

  34. Alexa Norton says:

    This is awesome please do a tutorial

  35. Ciarán Shannon says:

    Love this style blue 😍

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thanks buddy, me too lol. Definitely some more builds in this style on the way 😀👍

  36. Fulhamster says:

    u should totally expand the village!!!

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Fulhamster, I will definitely be expanding it, it was so much fun to build 😀👍

  37. I can’t think of a name says:

    Maybe make a samurai castle?

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thanks buddy, that would be a huge project, but an awesome one. I will think about it, thanks for the suggestion dude 😀👍

  38. Kasper Lind says:

    You say you have never done this before? I smell lies. You absolutely nailed the style! I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this in the future👌👌

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thanks Kasper, honestly other than that small temple i built about a week ago this is the first Japanese style build I’ve done. But I must say I love it building in this style is so much fun! 😀👍

  39. Iurian Mihai says:

    I love your videos. Could you do a tutorial video for this build ?

    • Kyeager1 says:

      Yes please

    • Iurian Mihai says:

      @BlueNerd Minecraft This would be awesome. I love your builds. Expecially the big ones. The castle is great, this video is great and the nordic village is great. Keep it going. Your designs are the best

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you lurian, I will see what I can do, i will probably be done in 2-3 parts as it’s a very big build 😀👍

  40. S. Potestas says:

    Yesss more of this japanese style village!!

  41. Wholf says:


  42. sebastián Franasovic says:

    Your buildings are amazing in any style! I hope to see more of this Village, like a rice farm or a sauna!

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you sabastián, I will definitely be adding more to this village thanks for the suggestions I will try and include them 😀👍

  43. Luka Brajovic says:

    Jaw-dropping… just… jaw-dropping

  44. Archie MacDonald says:

    You should do a water-side village, with loads of bridges and water wheels. I think it would look really good. Also you should make a tutorial on the Japanese Temple you built. Keep up the great work! Hope you hit 100k soon!

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Thank you Archie, a water side village would be cool project actually. I’ll see what I can do 😀👍

  45. christian rawson says:


    • christian rawson says:

      @BlueNerd Minecraft thats fine i was going to say do it in parts

    • BlueNerd Minecraft says:

      Hey christian, I might do a tutorial. It’s a pretty big build so I might have to do it in two or 3 parts 😀👍

  46. Fatih Turan says:

    Hey Bro 😀 Would you build a small sheltered village? 🙂

  47. Troge says:

    You are the best and i just love the fakt that you are doing a japanes timelapse series

  48. Ruby May says:

    Love your videos ❤❤ This is one of my favourite videos you have 👍👍