A Journey In Japan | Ep1: Tokyo to Kyoto


We go on a one month backpacking adventure around Japan in this travel documentary.

In this 2 part documentary series we travel to Japan for the very first time.

We will be travelling there for one month, starting in Tokyo and then using the Japan Rail Pass to explore the country.

Highlights of this episode include racing Mario Kart’s around the streets of Tokyo; travelling to Nagano and seeing the snow monkeys at Shibu Onsen; heading up to the ski resort of Hakub; exploring the old city of Kanazawa and discovering different temples and shrines in Kyoto.

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  1. Sara McCurtain says:

    What’s the name of the hostel you stayed in?

  2. TheRealLostWalker says:

    What time of the year did you guys see Japan. I’m going next November

  3. Ten Minute Tokyo 2 says:

    Bic-a, Bic-a, Bic-a, Bic-a Cameda! One winter I was there it was -20F.

  4. AMY CHONG says:

    Japan must stop supplying ” Fukushima radiation poisoned foods” to tourists in Japan! . . Stop this exporting of radioactive foods to other countries! .. This is crazy!

  5. Silver Fern Kkiwi says:

    Man I didnt realize how much ive missed you guys until u showed that glimpse of HK 2 NY.

  6. Heidi says:

    I am getting absolutely nothing done around my house except watching Karl’s films!! Would love to visit Japan. Looks very beautiful!

  7. Victoria Bracken says:

    Amazing work ⛩

  8. Nicksen says:

    Hey Karl!

    Lovely video! Was wondering – did you get the Green rail pass or the Original one?

    • Nicksen says:

      @Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Planning a trip very similar to yours for me and my girlfriend.

      Anything you would have done differently? Anything you didn’t get to see that you regret missing? 🙂

    • Nicksen says:

      @Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries Alright – thanks for the quick reply. 🙂

    • Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries says:

      Original one i think

  9. phantoml881 says:

    ive rewatched both your japan videos atleast 6 times now, they are so entertaining and you done a fantastic job on them, the editing is top notch. I’ve took down many of the locations you visited onto my list for my upcoming trip there, your backpacking tip videos were also extremely useful and i noted down a lot of great information from them so thank you so much for those as they’re great for a first time backpacker like myself, i can’t wait till my 1 month trip in Japan it will be my first time travelling without my family so it will hopefully be a great trip that i can mature in and grow more independent

  10. Dan Galla says:

    Just booked a trip to Japan next year, first place I came was here, I knew you’d have a documentary sorted!

  11. frawldog says:

    Always loved LEGO

  12. Onkabetse Sehularo says:

    back to the future car = DeLorean
    just to put it out there

  13. 00inwiththenew00 says:

    I love how clean it is there, feels like a relief. I don’t know why more people don’t respect their countries/environment like the Japanese do.

  14. Danderson says:

    Two genuine guys laughing, smiling, connecting with cultures and exploring the world 🙂

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    Hi Karl.. Waiting for your vlog in Pakistan

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    Thank you for doing this, gives us a real insight into the world and travelling

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    The celebrity at Gion Corner will probably be a new Meiko or Geiko. It’s an honour to see this, you lucky gents.

  22. Bowzer The Dog says:

    Weird question….What did you wear on your feet to keep warm….?

    • Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries says:

      Yeah but mate, I’ve done long trips where I’ve changed from hot to cold
      Climates, the answer would still be shoes and socks. Really warm places flip flops. Really cold places I’d get some thermals cos they’re super light in your backpack. Thing to remember is if you get to a country that’s really cold…just buy some thicker socks

    • Bowzer The Dog says:

      Uh….I figured that much.I Will be traveling long term soon and will be experiencing warm to cold conditions. I was wondering if you had recommendations on any particular foot wear…but I guess you were trying to be funny with your response ……….Be safe man on your travels.

    • Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries says:

      Socks and shoes 👍

  23. Selene Gel Suv says:

    Love love these documentaries videos! Can’t wait to visit Japan:)

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    Samurai museum is a great choice and underrated!!

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    I am travelling Japan..Feb 2019

  29. riK987 says:

    Is that hostel bedgasm? Lol… I just booked that hostel and it kinda looks like that hostel… if it is how’s the nightlife around there?

    • Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries says:

      Great hostel, few good bars within short distance (for Tokyo) Just not on doorstep, best place we stayed in Tokyo though

  30. Morgan Wells says:

    how much did this trip cost total

  31. FujinBeatz says:

    What I dislike about Karls Watsons clips is the fact they are not being played on National Geographic TV.

  32. FrameRage says:

    I love how tokyo is an anagram of kyoto hahaha

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    • Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries says:

      Spot on! That’s exactly what I’m going for. Glad you liked it 😊

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    Ay you guys did i´video on my faviorte place ever thanks guys so much, i love you so much

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      Okay make sense you guys are just the best persons ever i would love to meet you guys some day or fly out to you guys and meet you.. you are my recen why i still do my best in school and dont let the buillys get to me. 😀

    • Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries says:

      GuffeGaming HD I make very, very little money from YouTube. My main source of income is I work as a freelance video editor in London. James is a freelance quantity surveyor in Bristol

    • Jonas_Ft_Fotos says:

      Karl I have one Thing to ask how do you guys make that good money and i know it is not all because of youtube. but i love Japan and World very much like to go there.. so i just want to know so i Can make money so i Can take on A trip to Japan..😊

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    Are you professional or something? The quality of the videos is superb! pls visit south part of Japan too.

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      That’s what I thought! Your videos are not youtube quality. I feel like I’m watching some reality tv. I’ve watched a lot of travel videos, but I’ve never seen this quality on youtube. You are so good. I hope to see more
      Japan travel videos soon. and pls go back to Japan with James. I like that guy;)

    • Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries says:

      Thanks, yeah I work as a video editor in London

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    Classic happy james
    If you’re gonna go travelling with Karl, DONT!

    Amazing video, really hope I’ll get there one day

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    I enjoy watching this episode. I’m travelling at the end of this month to Japan. Best regards from Helsinki, Finland.

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      Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries

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    At 56:38 where you were unsure of who the people were. That was another Maiko and her escort taking her from okiya to okiya as well as tea houses to meet and hopeful get to work with them. Her top knot would suggest that she is very new. Though her kimono and Obi are less ceremonial. So this could also be practice? The press always follows maiko/geisha (real ones) because it a dying tradition and very rare to see real ones outside of the tea houses they are performing at.

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