Japanese festivals are magical and full of mochi! Mt Takao Autumn Matsuri


Mochi, dogs, autumn leaves and drone shots. What more do you need in a day trip from Tokyo? Here’s what to expect when attending a traditional Japanese matsuri!

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  1. The Coddiwompler says:

    What a beautiful place! Your cinematic sequences are so wonderful. So peaceful. I just need those on loop on the tv, glass of wine, and a fireplace going. Yup…that will do. 🙂

  2. Alec Davis says:

    I love your videos. Binged watched a lot today shamelessly. One of my dreams is to visit Japan

  3. E.J. Padero says:

    Komorebi, the Japanese expression for the sunlight as it filters through the trees, is made up of the kanji characters for tree (木), shine through (漏れ), and sun (日).

  4. Edoardo Polo says:

    Nice video!! 🙂 Now that I’ve moved from Tokyo to Melbourne you’re my eyes in Japan 🇯🇵 😉

  5. Daniel Weimer says:

    Hannah does not just make youtube videos, Hannah is creating art!

  6. Takeshi Schmidt says:

    Your filming and editing is really good! がんばって!

  7. acatinny says:

    Wow, now you are sponsored by Asahi shinbun, which is equivalent to New York Times or Washington Post. You deserve it!

  8. Ruxandra Vlad says:

    Japan is magical! <3 thank you for sharing!

  9. nuitNo.6 says:

    If you aint wearing your mountain climbing shoes, I aint watching <3 i'm just busy is all

  10. Laurens Travels says:

    Your videos always make me want to drop everything and just go to Japan. I really hope to visit one day. The food looks so tasty!

  11. John Flemings says:

    What a beautiful video. I don’t even need to travel now. I am living vicariously through you Hannah. Thank you. ❤👏👍

  12. Saugot Chowdhury সৌগত চৌধুৰী says:

    I want you to travel more and more 😍😍😍 and bring us amazing content. I am not skipping YouTube adv in your videos anymore

  13. LastStarfighterAJ says:

    You did a great job there I think of capturing the atmosphere of the event. It felt really autumnal, magical and peaceful. Would love to visit one of these festivals!

  14. Shef's tableシェフのテーブル says:


  15. HOTonCLEvideos says:

    Hannah, it’s great to see you return to the style of video I loved about your channel when i first subscribed. You are an amazing video journalist and master at sound mixing. I never appreciated piano interludes until I started watching your videos. They really accentuate your visuals!

  16. Robert Maddelena says:

    Very nice. Good fillming.

  17. Shane Nixon says:

    Beautiful video 😀 We are so addicted to mochi now too. I think next time we go we’ll just do a mochi crawl – festival to festival 😁🍡🍡🍡

  18. Bene C says:

    Thank you for taking us along on another great day out it all look so beautiful and even though heaps of people there it was still sort of caming hope you got your wish stay safe see ya

  19. Frank Winkhorst says:

    I blew out a speaker once playing that drum music. Haven’t played that CD since.

  20. zedamex says:

    You say Mt Takao like an English word. I went there on Monday. So weird to see it in a video so shortly after. I did see a no drone sign tucked away somewhere at the peak there tho. And the text on Takao’s website is [高尾山・陣馬山におけるドローン(無人飛行機)の
    持ち込み・操縦・飛行等は禁止とさせていただきます。]. Which is essentially “Drone prohibition: Bringing, and Flying drones (humanless planes) on Mt Takao is prohibited”

  21. Chris Nixon says:

    AHA! that black sesame!!!! so glad you got to try it so far. I bought one of each, thinking my wife would try it too, but she didn’t SO I HAD TO EAT IT ALL MY SELF! Glad you had a great time there! That ferret certainly topped off the video 😉

  22. MrTimetravler says:

    I am American do you do tours of Tokyo?

  23. Pocket Trailblazer says:

    This is the most calming video Hannah, I loved it 🥰

  24. Colette says:

    Wow its not event peak autumn and there are so many people there.

  25. Vania Margaret says:

    Oh Hannah this video is beautiful!

  26. ArmTiny Annie says:

    omg we literally went on the 14th to mt takao and hiked all the way up and back down! it was stunning and definitely a good work out 😂 we were lucky enough to see fuji that day too! 😊 wouldve loved to hear the drums in person 😍💜

  27. Piyush Gupta says:

    I like how the video started with… ” Yeaaa” 😀 And I am like this is gonna be good! 🙂
    Love your videos! The background music is amazing.

  28. Sean Desmond says:

    Beautiful video lovely Hannah!!! ❤ Love your videos and the talent, effort and skill you put in to them!!! ❤

  29. Vito Capano says:

    185k subs!!! Keep it up!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌💖

  30. Erin Mason says:

    When I was in elementary and middle school, we’d have assemblies to learn about different cultures. So I was fortunate enough to experience taiko drumming a couple of times. The way you can feel it so physically is a remarkable experience!

  31. l m says:

    My favorite season Autumn. I love mochi too. And Japan.

  32. Jee Ann Guibone says:

    Went hiking there the weekend before last! Fall wasn’t in full yet but yes the red leaves were so beautiful! Amazing shots!

  33. Benji Li says:

    Wow drumming , chap chap

  34. Al says:

    Hey whats the name of that song @ 2:13 PLEASE!!

  35. Norbert Wielage says:

    Beautiful. Love your Videos ❤️

  36. Jane Noviza says:

    Soo happy to see you back in japan 😊😊

  37. Jak Weaver says:

    Love the music and video. Good job Hannah!

  38. Natalie L says:

    I just discovered ur channel today and your content is such high quality ♥️ your personality is so likeable and I love how you share your opinion and also just amazing things in Japan in general!

  39. prasanth sridhar says:

    Hannaaaah , please shoot videos in 4k. PLEAAASEEEEE

  40. Edward Trinidad says:

    Beautiful footage, ambient noise, plus the background music really did it for me in this video!

  41. Ricky Andrés says:

    Your videos are so well put together, thoroughly enjoyed this one!

  42. Haluka Kanagawa says:

    Wait uhh… I’m pretty sure you’re right with the momiji
    Momiji is the name of the Japanese maple leaves
    So you’re so right! Haha
    Google says Autumn leaf color, but we don’t call other leaves momiji unless its the maple leaves
    I think I mean こうよう(紅葉)?which means Autumn leaves or Autumn color

    • Currently Hannah says:

      Oh okay thank you! Hahaha I thought I was 100% correct at the time but when I checked later it translated it to just Autumn leaves so I got confused lol. Thanks for letting me know!

  43. Bambershay says:

    Thanks for these views. My family is in Kyoto, apparently we’re associated with the temple there. Grandma lost touch with them over tensions with her marrying an American and leaving. Super appreciate the sneak peeks

  44. Andy Hanson says:

    Awe inspiring footage in this video Hannah. You never cease to amaze and I thank you for that. 👍✌❤

  45. King Edward IX says:

    Sometimes I Feel Bad… You With All The Hard Work And Me Just Sitted Waching… Great Job Hannah… Yeah! Lovely…

  46. Stevens Birds says:

    This is a really good video. A+.
    Thank You Hannah.

  47. AndyJapandy says:

    Man, I gotta check these matsuri out when I go study abroad in Tokyo next month!!

  48. Blaha Ka says:

    You are my inspiration. I love the way how natural you are. Keep on inspiring!

  49. JLC Driveway Ramps says:

    Show us clips of you speaking Japanese. Can you ?

  50. akio goto says:

    Hi, Hanna.
    Umm, I don’t like to say this but I have to let you know before things get too late. Your sponsor for this vid, Asahi Shinbun, is the worst news paper company under control of North Korea and it spreads all the fake news to degrade our country over the world. Naturally most of Japanese who know this don’t like them. Most of the company employees are Korean Japanese. They could be nice as a person himself or just as a human, but they must follow the hostile diplomatic policy of North Korea. So, please, watch out. They might look harmless but you should know the dark history of crimes in this country associated with Korean Peninsula. I don’t want you to get involved. Take care.

  51. Eric Swells says:

    Yoshi actually didn’t fart in this video!

  52. MAG TRAVEL says:

    amazing!!! can’t wait to explore Japan

  53. finsclapping says:

    Seems like such a peaceful/wholesome place. Lovely how you shot it and edited it. I could see 20 quality videos and know which one is yours. Top quality 😉

  54. xahal says:

    0:40 both what you said and what you wrote is true.

  55. 1999akhil says:

    I will too make it to Japan. 2021 Summer. Ato sukoshi 🙂

  56. St Myles says:

    Thank you Hannah for a moment of tranquility this morning. Have been watching and reviewing lots of political flogs. Beautiful scenery and sound mixture.

  57. Lono Aditia says:

    Awesome…and editing so epic…love your video

  58. Browntau says:

    Wow, the precision of the sound and video, combined with the accessible, open , honest narration is brilliant to enjoy. I love how you don’t edit out mistakes in your narration, which adds a real charm to it all. Not like the typical travel vlog. Autumn is my favourite time in Japan, and you shared it so well. Thanks again!

    • Currently Hannah says:

      Thank you so much! Editing this video was a pleasure as it felt like things just fell into place smoothly with the music. Nice scenery does that sometimes 🙂

  59. オートミールIlikeoatmealmorethanyou says:

    beautifully filmed as always!! 😍 i almost went to this festival this year last moment but then decided against it! it looks amazing! i’ll have to go next year!! 💗 thank you for creating such beautiful content!! we appreciate the hard work and time you put into your creations!! 💗

  60. igol01 says:


  61. Pat Kay says:

    yayyy fun! until the next dango adventure 😊

  62. M Palma says:

    We’re here in Japan now and are enjoying the autumn colors as well! Love this time of year 🙂

  63. Ricky Li says:

    Was one of the people who saw the original video before it got deleted. So guessing you had to take out that giant floating space whale thing that was in the background of the old video huh? Oh well aliens.

  64. Francesco Rauseo says:

    You are such a beautiful woman! This smile makes earth a happier place ☺️

  65. Edwin Rosales says:

    Great video, awesome visual aesthetics and music, thank you!

  66. Travelwithchris says:

    That festival looks incredible! Japan is just amazing in every way! I love how you show it off!

  67. Jonathan Cousins says:

    Stunning footage. Your videos are so peaceful

  68. Lal H k i p says:

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  69. Erik Diertens says:

    This video is my aesthetic 👌

  70. F Smittick says:

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  71. itchban says:

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  72. Bickety Bam says:

    It’s morning here and cockatoo’s a screeching up a storm here at the moment (we get hundreds of them) so it is kinda dampening the excellent audio you have here… might have to watch this later when it is quieter. Cheers for the content.

    I will say the drums looked great. All the older drummers and that one kid and I can imagine at the end of the year they give him a trophy that says “Best Junior Drummer” which makes him really proud until he realises… “Wait… I’m the only junior drummer” 😛

  73. David Cervera says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Japan during cherry blossom season, but videos like this make me think it might be better to visit in autumn.

  74. Izzy's Travel Diaries says:

    There’s a Taiko drumming group that tours and I went to one of their performances. It was awesome!
    I’m not a huge fan of mochi, but loved red bean paste so much when I was there.

  75. Lisa Gardin says:

    I have to compliment your videography skills and editing!! Creators like you are really upgrading the quality of videos on youtube! Good job, really!! I just always know that when I’m about to watch one of your videos, there’s going to be enjoyable content, thank you!

  76. Neus Iglésies Camprubí says:

    So freaking beautiful video ♥

  77. Beczilla says:

    Loved Mt Takao when I climbed in 2016… although it was summer, so super hot and muggy!! This is a beautiful way to see it, in Autumn!

  78. What a shame Mary Jane says:

    I discovered you only a few weeks ago and I’m a smaller travel youtuber and I must say you’re the first youtuber I really admire. I also make vlogs about rural festival and explorations and I must say… I think I finally found my first model-to-follow youtuber. I like the way you edit your videos and it’s similar to mine, so I will try to take the elements I like the most of your videos and implement them in mine. And so far, I also loved the type of content I’ve seen, meaning especially the message that you deliver.

    I wanted to tell you these things not only because I think it’s nice to know that you’re a model for someone else, but also because in almost two years of full time YouTube activity I’ve always tried to find my model to reach and never managed to. You are literally the first channel I can say “ok one day I would like to be like that.” Thank you for setting the good example.

    • What a shame Mary Jane says:

      @オートミールIlikeoatmealmorethanyou Please do and then tell me what you think! I’m still in a phase where I don’t know completely where I’m going with my channel, so any feedback is precious for me to try to figure it out. [Role model! That was the expression Hannah! aah…the struggles of not being English native speaker in an English speaking world]

    • オートミールIlikeoatmealmorethanyou says:

      Ohh, i’m always on the hunt for more vloggers that do more rural vlogs and things that aren’t covered as often!! i’m excited to check out your channel! 😀

    • Currently Hannah says:

      Wow that’s so flattering to hear! Thank you so much! I’ve never really thought of myself as a role model of sorts but I’m humbled to hear it from you. Best of luck with your channel and explorations 🙂

  79. Fred Bossenmeyer says:

    Superbe vidéo

  80. Karen Murray says:

    I love Pat’s photography! The foliage was absolutely stunning ahhhh.

  81. K R M says:

    Well this is the third time I’ve seen you post this, i’ve watched it every time I guess I enjoy your content so Let’s try this again. Hannah, OK so I have to ask, Between your traveling, Directing, filming then editing, maintaining both a YouTube and Patreon channel (oops…don’t forget Instagram) you obviously take a lot of pride in what you put out there. you don’t skimp on anything you don’t do half measures or phone it in! It’s the same high-quality work every time. When do you find time to do Mundane things like sleeping and eating? I worry about your health.

    • Currently Hannah says:

      Hahaha I’m sorry, my uploads have been a mess recently lol You’re very kind for watching all 3! My answer to your question is probably “coffee” haha

  82. PuffySmosh says:


  83. magicallydevious says:

    Hannah, the sound editing on this is fantastic. I love the mix of audio from the footage and the light piano music. I absolutely love how much time and effort you put into your videos.

    • Al says:

      @Currently Hannah i noticed! Just subbed… loving your content so far!

    • polluxtroy2010 says:

      Same here!, I did actually watched it a couple more times so that I could see if Shazam would recognize the piano songs for me haha, I just recently subscribed to your channel Hannah and no regrets so far!, I got here when I watched your other video “If travel influencers were HONEST”, hilarious!, keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Currently Hannah says:

      Wow thank you so much! It’s nice to see that those small details don’t go unnoticed 🙂

    • Travelwithchris says:

      right! SO good!

    • thinkabout says:

      The word magical is spot on 👍 magicallydevious

  84. Wehan van Zyl says:

    Yes, the drums REALLY are that exciting, even on video!

    Pat Kay! Yay!

    The piano score is wonderfully apt, just fits so perfectly with the day/lighting/the weather/the season!

    • Currently Hannah says:

      I love using piano in my videos so this kind of footage is my fav to edit. Chill, smooth and goes well with piano!


    I love Mt Takao. So close to Tokyo for a nature experience. 👍

  86. Cloudintheysky says:

    As allways a total joy to watch your video. annnnd now I’m really missing Mochi 😛

  87. Martial Bachoffner says:

    What’s the quickest way to find Hannah? Follow the mochi…

  88. LiliMaddock says:

    Your shots are so stunning oh my god. The leaves looks so pretty! I arrive in Japan mid December so I’m going to miss the leaves 🙁 next year!

    • オートミールIlikeoatmealmorethanyou says:

      if you’re going to be in tokyo mid december you’ll still see lots of leaves!! 😀 leaves tend to change a bit slower here in tokyo it seems 😛

    • Currently Hannah says:

      Thank you!

  89. Atem S. says:

    The drum show, that must’ve been epic!

  90. sushi douglas says:

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  91. election news says:

    come to pakistan

  92. John Pagoto says:

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  93. Ewan Grantham says:

    Up next, a video on how to make your own Mochi perhaps? 🙂

  94. Finn V says:

    Have your viral videos (travel flex, instagram, kimono) had a real impact ok your channel?

    • Currently Hannah says:

      Yeah they definitely have! My sub count has definitely increased a lot recently 🙂

    • Nikhil Pillai says:

      @What a shame Mary Jane here you go: https://youtu.be/wnI8TA8XCt4

      Sorry, travel flex was in the thumbnail but not the title

    • What a shame Mary Jane says:

      @Nikhil Pillai Excuse me, what is travel flex? I googled it but I’m confused…

    • Nikhil Pillai says:

      I don’t know if you can quantify it from one person but I personally saw the travel flex video then later stumbled upon the kimono video and checked her video history and saw the travel flex video in the history, and that made me decide to subscribe. I can imagine I’m not the only one to have done that too but I’ve really been enjoying the videos since

  95. Ron Landis says:


  96. Placebo™ says:

    Why did you take the video down the first time?

    • Youtuber MOMO says:

      She done a big mistake in the first video so she again edited properly and uploaded once more for your convenience that she already noticed in the story of her Instagram Page @currently.hannah you could check that out.

  97. Aker says:

    Oh wow it’s the first time that’s ive seen the counter of view say 1.
    Wondeful video the music and image are so beautiful. The ferret was soo cute

  98. Cosmo Trav says:

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