Chicken Teriyaki Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

This video will show you how to make simple and tasty Chicken Teriyaki. Recipe here: Connect with us on Facebook!

Japanese temple (darsan) ,3D moive after 10yrs, nepali langauge challenge,fukuoka japan vlog

hi guys thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed. about this video yo video especially japanese sathi lai nepali langauge sikaudai cha. testai japanese temple ma darsan gayako clips poni cha , japan ma otera ra shrine huncha . otera buddish religion sanga relative cha vane shrine sinto religion sanga relative cha etc.#nepalilangaugechallenge #japaneseotera #Golehouse

Nara: sacred images from early Japan

Nara, in the Yamato region of Japan, was the country’s capital from AD 710–784 – and the cradle of traditional Japanese culture. This special display runs in two rooms: the Asahi Shimbun Displays (Room 3) has treasures from Hōryūji, one of Japan’s oldest Buddhist temples, dating between the AD 600s and 700s. The Mitsubishi Corporation…

Blender: modeling a japanese buddhist temple (RbR)

Hi Blender artists, today i’ll bring you something different: the Bentendo (buddhist temple dedicated to Benten, goddess of wealth, happiness, wisdom and music) of the Daigoji compound in Kyoto. Let’s see how i’ve replicated it on Blender! Facebook:

Tohoku – Japan’s Greatest Gem | Smart Travels

Time to remove Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka from your travel list and add Tohoku to it! If you’re looking to take a trip to a hidden gem and to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, Tohoku is the perfect getaway for you! In this episode of TSL Travels, follow Shanice as she…

Wizard of Oz anime episode 1 Japanese with English subs

First episode of the Wizard of OZ (Oz no Mahou Tsukai) anime. Japanese with English subtitles.

Getting Your Dreads Fixed in Kansai, Japan

Have you ever thought about getting your dreadlocks repaired while living or traveling in Japan? People ask me about my hair all the time so i thought I would share my secret with you all. Make sure to like and subscribe for more info like this! Oh right and my instagram too! I post stories…

Japanese CULTURE SHOCK!! What surprises foreigners who come to Japan?

“Only in Japan!” you scream. What are the things that really give foreign travelers a culture shock in Japan? What things surprised and maybe shocked travelers? ASK JAPANESE went to ask some foreigners, travelers and locals about their opinion about Japan. Click/tap on the top right of the screen to access the related videos and…

How to Travel Japan for Free ★ ONLY in JAPAN

I found a way to travel with ZERO transportation costs and 100% total adventure. I traveled all of Japan like this — and you can do it too! For many people, it will change the way you see the world forever. That’s right, all you need is a starting point and a little courage (and…

The Dark Side Of Harajuku Style You Haven’t Seen Yet | Style Out There | Refinery29

On this episode of Style Out There, our host, Connie Wang, takes us to Tokyo to meet the individuals pioneering the Harajuku subculture of Kawaii, more specifically Yami Kawaii. This style of fashion accentuates cuteness while incorporating symbols that represent death. Watch this episode of Style Out There to delve deeper into this morbid trend…